Scenic Rim Web Design

Stunning, High Performance Websites That Wow Your Customers And Make Them Desperate To Buy From You

Turn your dull, low performance website into a stunning, blazing fast masterpiece that generates you more sales with customers in the Scenic Rim.

There are three things that every Scenic Rim business owner wants in a new website:

  • It must look good (unique, professional, mobile-responsive web design).
  • It must work good (high performance, low-maintenance and hack-proof).

And most importantly:

  • It must sell good (first-class user experience that turns your visitors into happy customers).

The problem:

Good web designers aren’t necessarily good developers and they don’t necessarily know what it takes to sell.

Your local Scenic Rim web designer may be able to design a website, but still lack the technical knowledge to build a website that’s fast and secure (hack-proof).

Alternatively they may have good development skills but poor design skills.

Worst of all:

A good designer or developer in most cases lacks the sales and marketing expertise which is crucial for producing the kind of user experience that brings you more sales.

Leave it to us to build you a fast, professional website that blows your competition out of the water and lands you more sales

We combine superior Scenic Rim (Tamborine Mountain / Springbrook) web design talent with a proven track record in online marketing success and SEO wisdom to give you a website that not only looks incredible and runs fast, but more importantly converts your visitors into buyers.

You won’t just get a stunning website design with us - we’ll make sure it pays for itself too.

Check out this traffic graph for a local website that we redeveloped and implemented SEO on:

Local SEO traffic

Our websites are ideal for you if:

  • You want customers who visit your website for the first time to be instantly impressed by what they see.
  • You want to remove friction (make it easy for your customers to find what they need in what you offer).
  • You want to see a drastic increase in warm leads and sales through your website.
  • You want web and marketing experts to handle everything for you from start to finish so you can focus on the rest of your business.
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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get a custom Scenic Rim website made from start to finish?

We want your website to be an amazing success, so we’re not going to hand it over until we’re satisfied it’s perfect.

But as a general guide:

For our Bare Essentials package, expect 2 to 4 weeks.

For our Bells and Whistles package, you can generally expect a 6 to 8 week turnaround.

Custom projects will vary depending on your requirements.

How much does a website cost?

Unlike many other services, we’re up front with you about pricing with zero surprises. We offer 3 tiers of pricing:

1. The Bare Essentials ($2,500 + GST)

What’s included: Front landing/selling page with lead generation call-to-action, CRM and analytics integration, SEO/schema and GMB for visibility, blog with 3 initial pieces of high quality, keyword optimized articles, about and contact pages.

2. The Bells And Whistles ($9,500 + GST)

What’s included: The Bare Essentials + meticulous design process with optional custom logo, complete SEO competitor analysis and content strategy implementation, blog with 10 pieces of high quality, keyword optimized articles + a lot of extra time and love.

3. Custom (Let’s discuss)

Got some advanced functionality requirements for your website (e.g. authentication, payment gateways, customized user experience)? We’ll need to discuss this in detail before providing a quote.

Will you get my website showing up in Google search results?

Short answer: Yes.

As part of our website design and copy service, we’ll optimize your site from top to bottom for Google search visibility, including GMB (Google My Business). This includes some initial content (articles) that we provide off the bat to get you ranking for vital keywords. For some local Scenic Rim businesses, this will be enough to get your business in front of customers on Google (how quickly this happens will depend on how competitive your industry is). For ongoing SEO needs (ensuring that you continue to outrank and smash your competition over the long term), we offer a premium SEO service.

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